Current Flockers


At the Shepherd and Flock you're not just a member of staff, you are part of the family and become a Flocker, and we are proud of each and every one. Here are the key players!


Thomas Daykin



Specialist areas


Cellar managment

Cooking the books


Thomas is a bouncy and slightly excentric character with a strong and almost unfailing love for the Shepherd. If he's not on shift he's usually found in the garden, under the bonnet of his Citroen or walking his dog.




Guard Dog.... allegedly


Speciality areas




At 4 years old Bex is the youngest member of staff, and although her skills behind the bar and in the kitchen are (to be frank) sub standard, we keep her on as she's quite cute.



Denise a.k.a. The Moon



Speciality areas

Customer Service

Changing industry trends


Denise is a massive advocate of pubs and restraunts in general and this is very clear from her attitude behind the bar. Always willing to engage in conversation and always trying to champion Prosecco Friday are just a couple of reasons to come in and chat with her



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